Sep 26

Welcome to Atventix audio solutions. We introduce a pallette of loudspeakers based on our experience in rental and installation business.

High quality components and craftmenship , that’s where our brand is based upon.

We are confident that our product line will fullfill your needs, whether you’re a rental company , AV company or sound contractor.  

Price and quality will exceed your expectations.

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"Het Feestteam" on tour with Atventix
Dutch party act "Het Feestteam" took delivery of an Atventix AS-Tower and 2 pcs. AS-12 powered monitor. The AS-Tower has two hornloaded 18" subs and a coaxial 12"/2" hornloaded top per side. All amplification for this tower comes from the analog processed amplifier in one of the subs. With more than 100 shows per year, "Het Feestteam" needed a quick and powerfull system... they found it in the selfpowered products from Atventix
Production Partners are second

Corporate events specialist Production Partners from De Meern placed a nice first order to replace their excisting Acoustic Line stock. After comparising, Production Partners decided to buy 20 pcs. MF-10, 14 pcs. MF-8, 6 pcs. X3-12 and 6 pcs. AS-12

Bijman AV is the first

Bijman AV from De Meern, The Netherlands was the first to have a preview demo of the Atventix prototypes and was convinced right away. Ramon Bijman, director of Bijman AV bought the first batch Atventix material for his high profie AV productions. His first system consists of 12 pcs. MF-10, 8 pcs. MT-12 and 2 pcs. X3-15 subwoofers.

We wish Bijman AV all the best with his new Atventix stock.